How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

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First, let me say I’m really excited to work with you and that I really appreciate the opportunity.

Let make you a beautiful site!

To begin, go to the following link –

Click hosting

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

Then click the hatchling plan

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

Choose your domain

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

Unselect domain privacy

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

Choose month to month hosting

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

Fill out your info

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

Uncheck protect your site and back your hard work.

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design

Enter the code ‘ codyschneiderudemy ‘ to get your first month of hosting for $0.01.

How To Get Your Website Domain & Hosting Boise Web Design



You’ll get a bunch of emails, forward those to me at and I’ll take it from there : )

Excited to work with you!


How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free

This blog post was inspired by Elias’ tweet.

The Woocommerce checkout page is overwhelming with fields.

This can deter user’s placing orders.

It also requires personal information that is unnecessary, like a phone number.

This post will walk through the simplification of the Woocommerce checkout page using CSS and php.

First let’s analyze what we don’t want on the page.

2 How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free cody schneider 1

The company name, second address, phone, create account div, check box and order notes are the points of concern.

To clean this up, all we need to do is hide the elements with some custom CSS.

Copy and paste the CSS below into the custom CSS section of your theme.

How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free cody schneider 2


#order_comments_field { display: none;


#billing_phone { display: none;


#billing_phone_field { display: none;


#billing_company_field { display: none;


#shipping_company_field { display: none;


#ship-to-different-address-checkbox { display: none;


.create-account { display: none;

#billing_email_field { padding-left: 0px;

.woocommerce-info { display: none;

#billing_address_2 { display: none;

#shipping_address_2 { display: none;

/* virute theme specific */

.about_paypal { display: none;

.icon-arrow-up { display: none;

#topcontrol { display: none;

How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free cody schneider 3

Hit the save button and your all set.

How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free cody schneider 4

How To Make Phone Number Not Required On Woocommerce Checkout

You may have noticed earlier that the Phone field wasn’t required. Woocommerce out of the box comes with it required, but a little php code can eliminate that.

To begin, log into your cpanel and go to file manager.

How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free cody schneider 6How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free cody schneider 6


and look for the functions.php and click edit.

How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free cody schneider 7

Finally you’ll paste this code at the bottom of that code before the closing tag.


add_filter( ‘woocommerce_billing_fields’, ‘wc_npr_filter_phone’, 10, 1 );
function wc_npr_filter_phone( $address_fields ) {
$address_fields[‘billing_phone’][‘required’] = false;
return $address_fields;

How To Simplify Checkout Woocommerce For Free cody schneider 8

After that the phone number will no longer be required for checkout.

I hope this was helpful.

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Capitalism And Democracy Don’t Share The Same Bed

Capitalism And Democracy Don't Share The Same Bed cody schneider

This evening I went to see Jason Brennan speak over his book Why Not Capitalism? and during the question and answer a very interesting point was made.

Democracy and capitalism are often paired as symbiont when really they’re inherently different for an economic agent.

Capitalism is fueled by self interest and incorporates an immediate feedback loop. For example if a new empanada shop opens downtown and I eat there I immediately know if the decision was a good or bad one based off the tastiness of the chilean hot pockets.

But democracy doesn’t have that immediate feedback loop, so it’s harder for an economic agent to know if the the decision made was the correct one.

What this creates is a situation where the average voter doesn’t see the value of their actions because they aren’t effected immediately.

This perceived meaninglessness doesn’t incentivize the citizen to cast their ballot and this is understandable. In a world where gratification becomes more immediate daily, will democracy be feasible? Or will a faster solution have to arise.

Maybe a more efficient solution can arise, but I’m more concerned we won’t be able to switch to renewables in time or stop the singularity from going terminator.

Zero To One: DTG Photgraphy – Toy Photographer Ecommerce Site Build Over A Weekend

how to build a woocmmerce website cody schneider

The tiny white human illuminated.

I put all my weight onto the right peddle ready to get home but as I cranked down I heard a loud pop. My bike came to a halt in the middle of Myrtle Street in downtown Boise.

I looked down and saw my tire leaning left into the frame. After a long day of work the last thing I wanted to do was walk home in the scorching heat.

Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want so we can get to get to the next place.

I trekked to the Boise State bike shop in my all black work attire and started chatting with a tech their. I asked him what he thought was wrong and he said my axle looked cracked but that if I trued my wheel it could potentially make it ridable.

As Dean taught me the basics of truing we chatted about school and life but then our conversation segwayed into photography and Instagram.

Dean is a photography major who’s main focus is surrealist works but for fun he runs and Instagram dedicated to Star Wars toy photography. He showed me his Insta, @dtg_photos and I was speechless. Some heavy hitting work. He brought up how over the summer his follower count has grown by 6k and had sold multiple of his hand painted figures through Instagram DMs.

I follow Pieter Levels on twitter, an indie hacker who’s known for doing impressive zero to ones; taking ideas and making MVPs. Recently he made in a 48 hr period.

I love this tweet from his server guy.

I hadn’t done a zero to one in a while, and Levels inspired me so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity with Dean.

We set up a time to meet two days later on Wednesday and started on our journey.

The goal was to build an eCommerce site and blog that made a poster print sale within the first seven days.

Here’s the process.

On Wednesday we met up and went over to to buy a domain and get hosting set up. They are currently my favorite hosting service because of their awesome customer service.

I had Dean buy the domain and the essentials hosting package.

In total it was $43.

$15 for domain
$12 for hosting
$15 for whois protection

(You don’t need the who is protection, so really this could be done for $27.)

Through this process Dean had some questions.

His main concern was being locked in to something he didn’t want anymore. With everything talked about in the post, it can all be changed and scaled.

Next we installed WordPress through the cPanel. The cPanel login will be emailed to you.

WordPress is installed using QuickInstall. On the cPanel homepage command f and type in QuickInstall.

After WordPress is installed the site had to propagate so we set a time to meet the next morning. Normal propagation takes 24 – 48 hrs.

Once the site was live I had Dean create a admin user account for me and I installed the following plugins:

First thing I did was use the Woocommerce wizard to integrate with PayPal. Because we are using PayPal and not another payment portal no ssl certificate is needed. It’s also one of the most recognized payment processors.

We will return to all of the plugins momentarily.

I then installed the Virtue Theme, a clean and compatible theme for Woocomerce.

Next I went to settings > permalinks and changed the settings to  to “post name” and “shop base”.

how to change post url setting wordpress how to change product url setting wordpress

I then made some styling changes to the Virtue theme. You can do this by appearance > customize.

First I made a header logo in Photoshop. The font I used is “Star Jedi” and can be found on dafont.

how to make header logo for virtue theme

The logo is 1 inch by 6 inch 300 dpi rgb. For all web images you want them to be rgb.

To upload the logo in customize go to main settings and  then “upload your logo”. Also change the logo to be centered.

Next, go to basic styling and change the primary color and 20% lighter than Primary Color to the color you want.

how to change hover color virtue theme wordpress cody schneider

Then advanced styling and topbar background, change so that it is the same as hover color.

Next go to misc settings and turn off image border.

Then go to site identity and change the title of the blog to what you want it to be and have the tagline include your keywords.

Next go to widgets settings in customize and add social links. Link to all the social accounts associated with your site.

Finally, go to static front page and have it be “static page” front page to shop and blog to blog.

how to make static front page virtue theme wordpress cody schneider

Click save and publish.

Thank God. Styling is done… Mostly.

Next go to dashboard > appearance > menus. Make a new menu and have these settings below.

how to make a menu virtue theme woocommerce cody schneider

Now google “google analytics” and set up a “new property”.

Then use monster analytics to link view traffic data.

how to set up monster analytics wordpress cody schneider

From here I went to, a poster fulfillment and shipment company, and set up an account for Dean.

We do the marketing and customer service, they handle the printing and shipping. Payment to Print Aura only occurs once the customer has payed us. It is a form of dropshipping.

I use Print Aura for their api plugin with Woocommerce, their quality of prints and their great customer service.

I had him put his favorite and most popular photos on a thumb drive and uploaded then created the proper files to upload to Print Aura. CMYK at 300 dpi 5400 x 7200 pixels for Print Aura and RGB 300 dpi 1000 x 1000 for the website.

We then authenticated Print Auras API with our site and tested that transactions could work. What you are checking for is the PayPal portal to work.

To autosize images to our premade templates, use this script.

Fit Layer To Canvas.jsx

When you name the photos that will be viewed on the site, make sure to include your keywords in the name of them and alt description.

how to include titles in photos for seo cody schneider

Now you have an ecommerce site, but no traffic. Here’s what I did to get traffic.

I made a blog post with photos of Dean’s and started posting them to all the social I thought would be relevant. Side note, it’s easier to drive traffic to content than to a product page.

I found all the Facebook groups related to Star Wars and joined them.

I found all the Star Wars and photography Sub Reddits submitted the gallery posted in them.

I made a Bloglovin account and had a bot auto follow a bunch of people.

I found all the Twitter accounts associated with Star Wars and tweeted at them.

I wrote a Buzzfeed article that I submitted to their Star Wars community editor.

I found Star Wars blogs and reached out to of them.

I submitted photos to Star Wars Tumblr blogs.

Put the photos on Flikr.

Put the photos on Imgur.

Put the photos on Pinterest and then ran an Imacro bot I wrote.

Youtube posted links on Youtube toy videos.

Our goal with all of this is to drive traffic and build backlinks.

And here we are now. A business from zero to one,  waiting for the first sale.

Zero to ones are intimidating, but not hard. The only hard part is starting. Begin.

Remember the date August the 8th

Every person who’s a consistent character in my short story has asked me what’s wrong, we’re worried.

I got confronted by my parents, being told to go to counciling because I’m not being me.

Except this is me, or an aspect. I may wear my human face day to day but sometimes it tears and the ugly seeps out.

I tell them I’m fine, and I am. I’m not going anywhere but I’m dead inside. It’s been a while since it was this bad.

All the stuff that normally works doesn’t.

So now I’m just riding it out.

I’ll never be happy, and not angry and able to have intimate relationships with people. It’s not made for me.

I’ll never be content.

Instead I’ll keep them at arms length and they’ll get to know my my character’s mask well, they may even like him.

But it’s a character.

I’m sorry emotional, but emotions, with waves of lows and highs that people can’t manage. I don’t know how I manage but I do.

From the happiest person you’ve ever seen to the most malcontent in 60 seconds.

God, how can people keep me in there lives. Ha, like I let them in the first place.

August 8th was a terrible day. No conclusions, not movement forward.

Weeks of sleepless nights leading up to an anticlimactic decisionless day.

It was like eating clay and having no opinion about eating clay

I’m drinking to much but it’s the only way I’ll sleep.

I’m not eating, I’m not sleeping and I’m not feeling.

I can’t keep focused. I feel voiceless.

Everyone says I’m here if you need to talk, but I don’t know why I’m sad, angry and tired.




Cheers to childhood, done soon

Drinking wine I stole from work on a tapestry i copped in barcelona.

Talking about how to not get caught living four people in a 3 bed home.

Talking bout the bros that live on the streets that’s my new zone

Just flew in from home and the Uber talked the whole way idanha

I just spent one of my last 20s on a burger I hated from chilis in the airport

I just finished zero by thiel, about to grind down on a new company pill

I just took a girl home for the first time.

I just am interview with my first startup.

Convoy they drive trucks.

I’m supposed to know what’s up and make a something click and cluck but I chicken up and buck out, talk about Bambi not bambino

Scared of the spotlight like albino

Raw about to walk the Camino with Martha

I’m laying in a bed hoping the air conditioning don’t raise the bills to high

Got my first job where I tell people what to do but really it’s baby sitting can’t trust anyone to see nothin thru

I just keep getting visa for sale in the mail

All it costs is a soul and they hope you fail

Credit good though that’s a plus

If you want anything that’s a must

I write because I’m on the cusp and I’m ruinning fast kicking up dust ruining relationships with the only ones i trust but my twenties are make it or bust and try not to be distracted by to much bust instead just find bust and bail and hope she don’t see the the over the eyes vail.

A new company, and an old one.

A new job, a cold one.

A girl that’s easy, but that will fail.

She’s happier than me but I chose a while ago to let go of the bliss and read everything on a the cannons list.

Stacking info making soup, I’m like the professor in his lab coat and suit make power from sugar spice and everything mean, power puffs my chest, in the shower i chant cody schnieder is the best.

No club, still savage. No club, still drunk

Trust myself? Only one I do. Trust two people

Kyle cole me and there’s the who made me cop wake up at the sky’s morning moon.

Cheers to this summer, come and gone June.

Cheers to childhood, almost dead soon.

How To Display Reviews Using WP Customer Reviews

I’ve been trying to do this for a while and finally got it the way I want it.

The point of this is to show an aggregate of all the reviews but not allow users to click to write a review section.

So I realized fuck the short codes form WP customer reviews and instead just copy the element code into the page where you want it.

So on I ended up going to the reviews page, sourcing the div code and the placing it into the product description page. Screen shots below.


How To Display Reviews Using WP Customer Reviews cody schneider 2 How To Display Reviews Using WP Customer Reviews cody schneider 2 How To Display Reviews Using WP Customer Reviews cody schneider 2