Is Mindless Work The Key To Breakthroughs?

I got a promotion at work and started training. It’s funny working this job because I despise it. I work with people I dislike doing things that are mindless like moving table and shit, but it’s amazing what mindless work can do.

It allows your mind to retract into itself, ignoring outside stimulus and wander through all in the data that’s in your head (thanks Olivia for showing me how or memory is data).

I think about how I can grow Melonkiss through Facebook marketing and influencer marketing and how to use SoundCloud to get bloggers to use my beats for their background lookbook music on YouTube and then have them link back to my site.

I think about my dreams and make them come to the forefront of my ambitions again, living in France China and Germany, making million dollar companies with my brothers and doing everything that makes me feel adrenaline.

One adrenaline thing I did today was call the school for Reilly and act like I was from a rental agency trying to see if she was part time or not. Was fun to impersonate someone.

Its amazing how incompetent people are. My parents always say it and it is so true you are only competing against such a small population.

I’m so thankful my parents are both entrepreneurs, I have such a huge advantage.

Srill working about 40 hours a week. Still in school 15 credits.

Adulthood has arrived I think. A infant form anyway. Relatives are dying, cousins getting married and trust in other people I’ve never taken before.

I’m so excited to create again and can’t wait to get back from Europe so I can focus on growing Melonkiss and getting back into the game. I love the game.

Grind baby, look down the road and not at the guard rails. My dad Greg said that. I fucking love that man.

Im thankful for my brothers, my parents and rn Reilly and our friends. They are so supportive.

Im so glad chan in back.

ily Cody

from Cody