Why I Never Want to Retire

Why do you want to retire? Retirement is the prequel to death.

The Old Young Man

When I worked at Apple I had an awesome manager there who I really connected with. When he was on the floor and it was slow we always had killer conversations about goals, passions, dreams, women and living a fulfilled life. During one of our conversations we started talking about how he used to work at Best Buy and why he started his career so young. Through this conversation it came to the surface that his goal was to retire at 35 (when I knew him he was 27) and that he was on track to do it by 34. Now I am not talking about “retirement” where he has to live a minimal lifestyle the rest of his life. I am talking about golf every day, trips every other month, houses, boats, rich experiences. Your probably thinking shit, how? That’s for another time. But what I do want to talk about is the thoughts this conversation solidified in my head.

The Idea of Retirement Makes Me Gag

Did you ever watch Spongebob? There is an episode where Mr. Krabs retires. I always loved this episode. It showed a man who dedicated his life to working and earning money now attempting to find new ways to fulfill his life. I related to that, I never want to quit working.

One of my major goals is to peak when I die. I learned this from high school. So many people I graduated with when I see them in person or they randomly come up in my newsfeed on Facebook seem to be talking about the glory days of high school. They peaked in high school. And this taught me something about myself and about life. In reference to myself I never want to be a has been who talked about the past and about life it taught me that high school was a stepping stone, a petri dish for my self esteem and work ethic while for my peers it was everest. It made me realize that throughout my entire life each place I am at, at any given moment is just a step to the next. With that said, I am going to explore and enjoy each step but always in the back of my mind know that there is another step to take after all I can learn from the current one has been exploited.

Gary Vaynerchuck always talks about how he lives for the hustle and I can relate to that. It is the challenge, the constant pursuit that is fulfilling, not reaching the goal. When you reach the goal it almost seems, bitter.

So this is why I had my problems relating to my ex manager. I never want to stop. I never want to quit. My greatest fear is that one day I have to quit because I know that day, the day I can’t hustle anymore, the day I can’t make things anymore, the day I can’t think anymore is the day I begin the down slope, the day I reached my peak, and the day I accepted death.

Take Microments

My goal instead is to take what I call microments, short periodical retirements. In all reality when I graduate college I plan on taking my first microment for the first three years of my young adault life. That’s why I am building out the company melonkiss.com and making it a sustainable machine that I can manage from anywhere.

The point is that this is a marathon, it’s about industry. And everyone fucking says this again and like I know I am just fucking beating a dead horse but cliche is the most real truth that exists, that why it is cliche. Never forget that.

Don’t get a job or start a business or do anything when it comes to your life because you want to retire, you are not doing yourself the fucking justice you deserve by retiring. When you retire, you choose to peak. Never, NEVER fucking choose to peak.