Cheers to childhood, done soon

Drinking wine I stole from work on a tapestry i copped in barcelona.

Talking about how to not get caught living four people in a 3 bed home.

Talking bout the bros that live on the streets that’s my new zone

Just flew in from home and the Uber talked the whole way idanha

I just spent one of my last 20s on a burger I hated from chilis in the airport

I just finished zero by thiel, about to grind down on a new company pill

I just took a girl home for the first time.

I just am interview with my first startup.

Convoy they drive trucks.

I’m supposed to know what’s up and make a something click and cluck but I chicken up and buck out, talk about Bambi not bambino

Scared of the spotlight like albino

Raw about to walk the Camino with Martha

I’m laying in a bed hoping the air conditioning don’t raise the bills to high

Got my first job where I tell people what to do but really it’s baby sitting can’t trust anyone to see nothin thru

I just keep getting visa for sale in the mail

All it costs is a soul and they hope you fail

Credit good though that’s a plus

If you want anything that’s a must

I write because I’m on the cusp and I’m ruinning fast kicking up dust ruining relationships with the only ones i trust but my twenties are make it or bust and try not to be distracted by to much bust instead just find bust and bail and hope she don’t see the the over the eyes vail.

A new company, and an old one.

A new job, a cold one.

A girl that’s easy, but that will fail.

She’s happier than me but I chose a while ago to let go of the bliss and read everything on a the cannons list.

Stacking info making soup, I’m like the professor in his lab coat and suit make power from sugar spice and everything mean, power puffs my chest, in the shower i chant cody schnieder is the best.

No club, still savage. No club, still drunk

Trust myself? Only one I do. Trust two people

Kyle cole me and there’s the who made me cop wake up at the sky’s morning moon.

Cheers to this summer, come and gone June.

Cheers to childhood, almost dead soon.