Delivery Drones Should Be Underground

Recently Elon Musk posted on twitter about how he is going to get into the boring industry. The point of this company would be to move transportation underground.

Meanwhile, Amazon just submitted a patent for an underground transportation system that employees the use of tunnels and conveyers to deliver products.

amazon underground delivery patent cody schneider

After hearing about these two different developments I started thinking about how Amazon wants to employee drones as delivery vehicles. Drones delivery has caused a decent amount of uproar in reference to noise, natural aesthetic and privacy but I think by combining these two separate ideas a solution can be created.

In it’s most elemental form what I am getting at is creating a network of tunnels under a city that drones can deliver packages with. Rather than the drones flying constantly overhead, they could instead fly only the last 2-5% above ground.

This solves most concerns of citizens but also provides them with more expedited shipping.