how to grow your pinterest engagement

How to grow pinterest engagementHow to grow pinterest engagement

Pinterest has been my favorite social media for a while now. This is for two reasons:

  • It’s exponential: It’s one of the few social media sites where content gains more value over time.
  • It’s hands off: it needs basically no daily upkeep.

I increased my engagement by treating Pinterest as a search engine.

The description of the pin is how Pinterest understands what a pin is.

So if you are a fashion blogger, in every photo you pin from your site you would put the keywords that people would us to find your outfits. Say your outfit had black jeans and a graphic tee, you would put the keyword “black jeans outfit ideas” and “how to wear graphic tees” as examples.

Each niche has it’s own keywords but the principle is the same.

One of my pins now has over 600 organic repins from using this philosophy and this has made the blog post it is related to rise to the second page of Google. I would like to note that this is a very competitive keyword phrase that otherwise I would have no chance competing in.

With that said, this is not something that happens overnight. Like all shit in business it takes time so be patient. I’ve found it takes about 45 days for a pin to gain traction.

TL;DR: Pin more. Describe better. = More Traffic

I hope this will help you grow your Pinterest.

May luck be on your side.