How to Gain Instagram Followers Through Page Promotion

3 how to gain instagram followers through page promotion

At this point the Melonkiss Etsy shop is at a place where it has steady growth month over month and sales are relatively predictable. Because of this I have started to focus more time on growing the Melonkiss Instagram account. The reason I am doing this is because Instagram has a conversion rate that is 5-7% which is insane considering the internet average is 1%.

My own personal rationalization for focusing all my marketing on Instagram and not Facebook is that once I have acquired the Instagram followers they are mine and my content will reach all of them without having to boost the post. All I have to do is have a continuous stream of content to the account and it will drive traffic. This is different in comparison to Facebook and Edgerank which would requite me to produce new content and then promote that content to drive traffic and then repeat the cycle.

Instagram = pay to gain followers one time in the beginning and then can promote to them indefinitely.

Facebook = write content and boost content in a cyclical manner indefinitely.

Paying once seems more advantageous. Others I imagine will argue with me about this but IDGAF. Quick info biscuit, just because your page has a lot of likes doesn’t mean those likers will see your new content every time you post. Many times you have to boost your post to reach your own community. I am not saying that Facebook is a bad marketing option far from it, it’s just a different animal.

Hope you were able to gain some insight from that info and now here is the analysis of my first Instagram promotion data.

Instagram Promotion Data For Melonkiss Trial 1

instagram promotion data melonkiss cody schneiderI payed $110 to be promoted to 3.4 million followers. I used the company Green Rose Unit to do this. They own the accounts:
Every wonder why huge accounts have email addresses in their bios? This is why. So all the data that follows this sentence is 24hrs after the initial posts. My assumption is that all of this data is relative to the paid promotion.

Followers Gained

From the promotion I gained 224 followers.

instagram promotion data melonkiss cody schneider marketing blog 1instagram promotion data melonkiss cody schneider marketing blog

This means that I payed 110/224 = $0.49 per follower I gained. I honestly don’t have any analysis on this number. I don’t have a frame of reference because this is my first time doing this type of payed promotion. Once I have more data I will be able to compare companies to promote with and give more insight.

Amount of Clicks of Link In Melonkiss Bio

So I use the plugin pretty links and Google url builder to track my clicks from my Instagram profile. I use both because the Google url builder allows me to have more in depth analysis and pretty links allows me to build a link that looks aesthetically pleasing ie. rather than . First I build the Google URL and then I use pretty links to shorten and customize the Google link.

clicks instagram promotion data melonkiss cody schneider marketing blogIn total I got 170 clicks to the website. This means my CPC was 110/170 = $0.64 which I was stoked on. Cheaper than Google and Facebook clicks. But really this number doesn’t matter because those followers are mine now to market to day after day after day.

Sales Data

I didn’t get any sales but I am not upset about this. I have to build rapport with these new followers and the only way to do that is through consistency over a period of time :) It’s like a friendship, the only way you have a relationship with a person is if you’re continually in their life.

Moving Forward and Realizations

I am curious to see I will gain more followers from promotions like this as my Melonkiss profile becomes older. Right now I only have 26 posts which makes me look young as a brand in the customers eyes and thus I think as the amount of posts I have increases it will affect the followers gained.

I also realized that my initial projections of followers gained was way to high. Typical. This will be a lot slower of a process than I initially thought but I am comfortable with that. Organic growth, that is what I want.

One thing I want to start trying is writing blog posts on that teach my followers how to style certain silhouettes and or give them outfit ideas etc. I want to see if this will drive more traffic to the site and also I think it will speed up the process of building a relationship with my followers by starting a dialogue. I can write content for them, they read, I ask for suggestions, they suggest, repeat the cycle. Through the starting of this conversation with content I can grow their trust faster. To be tested.

All and all pretty stoked on this test. I am excited to see what happens when I work with different Instagram promotion companies.

As always I hoped you learned something new and this helped you in your quest to rule the 7 kingdoms. If you want to show me love share this or follow me on social, all links below.

Lates! : )

Cod⌥ Schneider