Respective Social Medias and Their Places in Aesthetic Developement

I just got done watching a talk by Gary V about recognizing the different average goals the user has on each social platform. The main takeaway was that the reason a person is on instagram and the reason a person is on pinterst are two completely different desires. This got me starting to break the reason down why I cruise instagram and what I like to see and in turn why others cruise and what they like to see. topic made me want to analyze what makes an account successful in comparison to others. What I concluded was that accounts that have a consistant aesthetic was the reason they were killing it. I then realized it didn’t just count ¬†towards instagram but also towards all other social media sites. But instagram and pinterest are different. They are a different experience and a different places but the goal is all the same, they are different ways to experience and aesthetic. This got me thinking about how a brand should exist in an aesthetic now, it should be a west anderson film. So then me and my brother kyle sat down and started talking about the position of each platform within the idea that it is an aesthetic transmitter. Below is the table we established.