Why are the top mathmaticians ever basically the unibomber.

People don’t reach their full potential because humans excommunicate them.

My brother is hunched over  a pot of boiling potatoes rn. We are in the Klosterbang Flat in Germany and were just talking about the next books we want to read.

Kyle mentioned he is about to read The Men of Mathematics and we got on the topic of how a lot of the guys in the book are versions of the unibomber, just like loners.

It got me thinking about a kid we met while we are here, he is absolutely brilliant but socially has difficulties. He smokes a lot of weed to deal with his problems, I think it allows him to relate better.

What I started thinking about though is how most people are afraid to be loners and so they don’t reach their full potential because it creates a void between them and others and if the gap is too large life looses it’s lust.

So balance, go all in, or act less of what you are so that relationships can occur. The proverbial sentiment is that you shouldn’t change but in reality I think one of these positions has to be occupied.