How To Get More SoundCloud Followers Using Imacro Bot

These programs allow the user to mass follow and unfollow people on Soundcloud.

The Youtube vid below shows how it works.

The process is simple.

  1. Find artists in your niche
  2. Go to their followers
  3. Loop the follow bot 120 times, if you do more you’ll get banned.
  4. Go to your followers, loop the scroll down macro until all people being followed is loaded.
  5. Loop unfollow bot 120 times.

You can do steps 1 – 5 every 12 hours.

You’ll need this chrome plugin to begin

The code you’ll use is below.

Each segment needs to be its own Imacro, they can not be used altogether. Copy and paste the text in a new iim file.

# Soundcloud Follow Bot – copy and paste

# Scroll down – copy and paste seperately
url goto=javascript:window.scrollBy(0,20000)

# Soundcloud Unfollow Bot – copy and paste – change POS= number to edit where the unfollow bot starts from.

This video shows you how to install the code.

If you have questions ask.


How To Use Expired Tumblr Blogs For Seo

how to use expired tumblr blogs for seo cody schneider

It’s 2017 and at this point Tumblr has been around for nine years now. Nine years is a long long time on the internet and this is a really good thing for us when it comes to Tumblr.

A lot of Tumblr blogs are expired which means they were dormant for 2 years and Tumblr shuts them down and then offers their usernames up for grabs.

This is fucking awesome.

The value of this is that these expired Tumblr blogs still have backlinks going towards them. And these backlinks can be pointed at our websites, posts, pages etc.

For example I recently found an expired Tumblr that had 25 root domains refereeing to it, 79 links in total with a MOZ page rank of 30 . This is really really good, and I got it for free.

What I love about Tumblr is you can link from them to anything, they are contextual links and these blogs I get are all related to my niche which is fashion.

Ok so here’s how you find them.

I pay someone 6 bucks on Fiverr to find 30-60 blogs in my niche.

They give me a list in excel and then I use MOZ open site explorer to check the expired blogs value.

Which ever ones have any links I claim them and then start linking to my content.

It’s that simple.

I hope this has been insightful, leave your thoughts below or tweet at me.


How To Collect Emails From Etsy Sales Data

Have too many orders to collect your emails manually? I’m making a software for that which will be ready this month. Share your email so I can help you : ) -Cody

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how to collect blog posts from your etsy data

A while ago when I first started getting into ecommerce I had a facebook marketer in Boise named Koby Conrad (btw, Koby is unreal at Facebook marketing) tell me that email marketing alone can keep a company afloat. Continue reading